How To Kote Gaeshi Training Notes

When it comes to practicing wrist locks is there anything more well known than the wrist twist kote Gaeshi (overturning the wrist). Jujutsu has it, Aikido has it, heck even some Karate arts “have it” so what is there really to say about it?
Often one of the first techniques (waza) a student will lean, it is ironically one of the hardest to master with proper flow (nagare). In class the technique is often practiced in a static form- the training partner grabs your lapel, or tries to grab it and then you take their hand and apply kote gaeshi. Sounds easy till you try it at a faster speed or with a training partner giving multiple attacks- focus on trying to grab the hand and you will get hit by everything else.
The key to unlocking kote gaeshi in a more free for all environment (randori) is not to try and grab the hand, but rather just place your hands where your training partner’s hand is going to be. Try to be one step ahead where they are going, and the complexity of the waza will be taken back to that starting point where your training partner just grabs you and you apply kote gaeshi.

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