Hundred Day Martial Arts Training

In the martial arts we often find reference to training known as a hundred days, or a hundred day man. What is this, and how does it apply to kenjutsu, or any martial arts for that matter?
In this type of training the student selects a simple exercise in their training- in the case of kenjutsu often a simple downward cut and then performs it one hundred times a day for a hundred days, usually first thing in the morning, but not always.
Sounds simple right?
Actually due to its simplicity it is very hard.
In undertaking such a practice the usual “rules” of the martial arts (kenjutsu) apply- each cut must be perfect, focus and intention must be maintained, etiquette followed the entire time. Slip up once during the daily one hundred cuts and you start over.
Now do this for a hundred days nonstop, and again if you miss a day, you start over.
Besides polishing your form and refining the ever so important basics of the art, it is said a spiritual gift or insight is gained both during and after the completion of your one hundred days- an experience that can only be felt to be understood and not expressed by words.

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