In the past few classes we have been exploring some of the hidden mistakes in the martial arts. Stuff that is “wrong” that a student might not be aware of, and is hindering their training. By being made aware, we can make sure not to make that mistake.

Mistakes are actually a GOOD thing in the martial arts, which is part of the duality of training. We want to hold ourselves to the highest standard and polish our training so it is as perfect as humanly possible since there is literally the potential for a life to be on the line if one is called on to use their training, yet at the same time, the dojo is the best place to make mistakes. Mistakes made in the training hall can be explored, fixed, and learned from without the potential lethal consequences outside of the dojo.

So what was an example of one of these hidden mistakes in training?

You and your training partner are working on a technique.  When it is your turn to apply the technique to practice it, about half way through it you realize you made a mistake- maybe your footwork was reversed or you left out a step.

What do you do?

Stopping in the middle of a technique when you realized you made a mistake, and trying it again is not good. You are signaling to your brain and building muscle memory that when you make a mistake and something goes wrong you STOP.

It would be better to continue through the mistake as best as you can and finish the technique even if it is wrong and can’t be recovered- in this way you are training the subconscious to always keep going and to keep moving no matter what happens.

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