Martial Arts: Giving 100%

So you are getting ready to throw a punch and the question is how much effort should you give it? 100%? Put everything into it with full focus?
Most martial arts teach this, to be fully focused in the moment and laser focus on the moment at hand, but is this correct?
I’d argue that it is better to give 80% of your effort, to always hold something back just in case…
Why? You need to have a reserve of sorts, something to both call upon as needed, and some reserves to adjust in the moment, adapt, change as to what is going on. What happens if you give 100% into that strike and your training partner moves out of the way? 100% committed and you can adapt in that moment to do something else, or now counter what your training partner is now doing.
80% also gives you that reserve, commit to 100% and what happens when more training partners suddenly show up ready for more and you have given everything you had.  

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