Martial Arts Happy New Year 2022

With the New Year of 2002 upon us I wanted to share a first class of the New Year tradition for our training group.

After our first class, which focuses on the kihon and tenchijin ryaku no maki to start the year off right, we follow class with some tea and discussion.

I bring out much of my old notes, pictures, and training items to look at, laugh over, and reflect on. Gems like Tetsuzan, Sanmyaku, and Heart, Faith, & Steel.

What do the students of the group see?

Perhaps something, a spark, an idea to help them in the New Year to take taijutsu movement to that next level?

What do I see?

Ghosts, and phantasms from the past- friends, seminars, classes, and training events in those newsletters.

Similar to all the old, and some of the new pictures.

During this celebration and reflection, we each write down a training statement for the New Year, something as brief as possible to aspire to.

Perhaps these can become a kotodama?

A promise to ourselves and the group to set the tone for the New Year.

What is your aspiration?

Wishing you a Happy New Year of training, fun, and life!

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