Martial Arts Instincts

First rule of the martial arts?

Always trust your instincts and that deep down feeling, even if your mind tell you it is silly, or would be an inconvenience.

Through the martial arts, as we study the principals of balance, distance, timing, rhythm, and learn how people interact, the idea is to get to a point where one is able to take in all the surroundings and move correctly without thinking- mushin in the Japanese martial arts.

If one masters martial arts timing, to the point where the mind can process it without thinking, that it becomes second nature, the moment that one senses a shift, they will react.

All of the martial arts taken on this level equals instinct.

The ability to have a feeling that one should move or go in a certain direction, or take a specific course of action.

Always follow that instinct.

The aim of the martial arts.