Martial Arts Shu Ha Ri

In the Japanese martial arts, what is the paradigm of learning?

What is the process?

Certainly we have the kihon- fundamental techniques, the building blocks of movement in the martial arts.

Kata, showing key strategies and methods of movement when interacting with a training partner.

Historical training tools like the sword and stick.\

But how do we approach them as martial artists to develop useful movement?

The concepts of shu, ha, ri.

Training with the concept of shu is deceptively easy. The kihon and movement of your martial art tradition- just practice as you are instructed.

Move with the tradition.

Don’t analyze, update, or fix the movement with how you think they should be. Build you base and do as you are told. Many students will not even make it past the shu level as they are quick to do their own thing, or become some thing in the martial arts.

Ha training is where, with a solid grasp of the fundamental movements of the art, one begins to explore henka- variations, and what if situations- always being sure to use those kihon movements. Ha movement is *not* just freelancing or making stuff up.

Ri, is the natural evolution of training, now with the fundamentals becoming first nature, only martial arts movement- correct martial arts movement exists.

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