Martial Arts Striking: Punching Through The Target

One of the striking drills that we practice in class begins by standing across from a punching mitt in shizen- a natural relaxed stance, followed by moving forward and striking the target.

We work through isolated rights, lefts, and follow with striking with two punches- both a right/left or left/right.

Shifting the weight from shizen and into the target is important, but as with all drills it’s helpful to focus on one particular point in each class and work to refine it.

Last class we focused on striking through the target.

Making sure that when the strike is finished, one’s shoulders are now where the target was being held.

Displacing the target with the strike, and not just using the arm to deliver the strike.

Using the entire body using the idea of ken tai ichi jo- the fist and the body being one.

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