Martial Arts: Surprising Your Teacher

I remember the first time that I surprised my teacher, which one of us was more shocked by the movement?

It took many years later for me to understand that moment, when I was in that role and found myself surprised by one of my own students.

A very happy surprise and an important milestone marker in the martial arts journey.

When my students surprise me, that means my time each week training and sharing has not been wasted.

Give the role of a teacher (sensei-guide), should not the student become better than the teacher?

If the tradition-transmission is to grow with each generation, is this not the way to expand it?

As a teacher, don’t I owe that to my students to make sure they are better compared to me, to take what I have learned, and learn from my mistakes to get better in less (half) the time?

Is something wrong if your students are not better when compared to you?

When you train with me the commitment is to get you to the place that I am in half the time, but this is not a free or easy ride- when the time comes that *you* have to pass the feeling to that next generation, *you* have to do it in half the time that it took you.

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