Martial Arts Walking

Brand new to the martial arts, just starting on the journey, and the importance of tapping the potential of the momentum of excitement.

First lesson of the dojo?

Five starting lessons to help the body begin to learn the foundations of taijutsu.

Taijutsu being a body art, requires the body language to move in a certain way, of which one has to begin moving correctly first.

Walking as one of those five lessons.

As an example.

Starting in a natural posture- shizen and walking across the dojo or an open space as a normal relaxed pace.

Paying attention to the direction that the feet point as one walks.

The feet pointing in the same direction and moving forward in alignment with the knees and hips.

The principal of how the momentum of the martial arts is generated by moving the entire body, making sure that the momentum is not lost by the feet being out of alignment.

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