Martial Arts Yoga Ukemi

Training often warms up with some ukemi practice- rolling and landing on the ground without getting hurt.

Forward rolls, back rolls, side rolls, & drops in a relaxed and flowing manner.

A chance to both loosen up and work on some core kihon skills.

In taijutsu, one spends a good amount of time just rolling around.

But we can also use ukemi as a way to check for tension in our body and improve the flow (nagare) of our game.

Here is the drill.

Start with a forward roll and practice it in a slow manner for about ten minutes. Whatever is your regular speed, go a bit slower.

Pay attention to your breathing- keep in natural.

After ten minutes of just forward rolls, stop and assess how you are feeling.

Parts of your body sore or tight?

Shoulders and hips?

Using it as a way to see the tension or weak points on your body- followed up by hitting them with some junan taiso.

Ukemi as a kind of martial arts yoga to see how you are moving.

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