Practicing Martial Arts Nage Waza

Last class had us going through the series of throws found in taijutsu.

Normal practice is to usually explore a variety of techniques, but sometimes it is good to *run* through the list and really focus/work on one taijutsu skill set.

With regard to throws (nage waza) I really like doing them- throwing traiing partners, but not so much receiving them.

Does anybody *really* like being thrown?

There are many ways to practice a single throw, and it should be adjusted for the level and ukemi of your training partner. Sometimes one throws soft, other times a little bit harder.

What about the shinken gata versions where it is impossible to take ukemi?

From the focus of tori, is the spine straight during the throw, are the hips lower compared to uke’s hips?

In that moment of being thrown as uke- when is the time to begin ukemi?

As one is rotated over the picot point of the throw, begin to pull the limbs in, and prepare to take the impact of the ground correctly.

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