Relaxed Martial Arts Movement

In our martial arts training there are many common themes.

Over time, by the second year of training students begin to put the pieces together and realize that there are certain fundamental taijutsu movements that we are always looking for.

We could be studying koppojutsu, jutaijutsu, kenpo (kenjutsu), or bojutsu.

A common thread.

One way to think of exploring it is this- what we physically train in is a chance to experience these body dynamic concepts and movements.

Relaxed movement is on of them.

Understanding how body tension prevents the body from moving- it literally destroys your movement without your training partner having to do anything.

Identifying what causes body tension in general, and personally, based on life experiences, what has and causes tension in our own movement.

Eliminating that tension through junan taiso, relaxed ukemi, and san shin no kata among other exercises.

Starting to see that *if* we can move relaxed, and maintain a relaxed movement, opportunities with movement just happen- there is no waza or anything to force.

Understanding that if we are free of tension, how can out movement create tension in the movement of our training partner.

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