Seishin Teki Kyoyo: Martial Arts Spiritual Refinement

While the martial arts are physical in nature, and there is no getting around physically training, there are spiritual and philosophical aspects of the martial arts known as seishin teki kyoyo.

Seishin teki kyoyo is not a religion and is not approached from an academic standpoint in that it is taught systematically, but rather seishin teki kyoyo IS the training.

By training in the martial arts, over time, one learns about the duality of nature and people, how things happen and why, just by physically training.

These concepts become applicable over time, outside of training, because one has understood them through the concepts in martial arts training.  In this way, studying the philosophy and spiritual aspects of the martial arts is done just by training in the martial arts.

Martial arts become a moving meditation of philosophy and spiritual understanding.  The movement and very practice is the “meditation” to spiritual attainment.

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