Shiho Tenchi Tobi Training Drills

In the Way of the Ninja, Soke speaks of one of the first and most important skills of the ninja- being able to leap at *least* six feet as a start…

In the ten ryaku no maki section of our taijutsu training we have an entry for leaping under shiho tenchi tobi- the ability to leap in all directions and change directions in leaping.

In class we tend to practice this drill in two ways.

The first, by the nature of us training in a park, starts with just leaping around.

Trying to get as much distance as possible and still start/finish in balance and proper kamae. You start where you are with ability, and build on it over the coming training sessions and years.

If you can do three feet well now, work on pushing it to 4 feet, on and on.

Second drill, perhaps a bit more *classic* has us in a circle, about six feet apart with one student designated as the leader for the drill. That student leaps either to the side, forward, or back, with the rest of us leaping at the same time, keeping proper distance and timing.

There is an element of training here in awareness, perhaps even mushin, in addition to the taijutsu of leaping.

One has to *see* the location of the other training partners and leap.move in the correct timing of them, or else one literally leaps and crashes into them, at that point using ukemi to impact and land safely.

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