Takagi Yoshin Ryu Kata Training

Exploring some Takagi Yoshin Ryu lessons last night.

Exploring some of the ideas around the grip used to take control of uke’s grabbing hand.

From a taijutsu perspective, working on lessons from the chi ryaku no maki- tehodoki and taihodoki when one is grabbed they want to free themselves by getting the grabbing hand off of them.

When grabbed, this means you can’t move- your distance is being controlled, followed by balance next as uke pushes or pulls you.

We explored using Takagi Yoshin Ryu methods of getting the hand off, followed by applying various gyaku wrist locks.

But what about retaining the hand?

Exploring the idea, perhaps reversing the role, in that by uke grabbing you at an attempt at control, you control them? Using the hand shift and thumb to gently keep them pinned to your chest, so when a waza is applied they can’t take ukemi by releasing the hand?

All done with a very gently feeling, that uke is not aware of.

They feel like they can let go at any time, so there is no awareness of it, and at that moment when they need to let go and release they can not.