Taking Care Of Your Martial Arts Training Tools

In our martial arts practice we use a number of traditional training tools.

Wooden swords, sticks, and spears.

A safer way to train in class, but even being made of wood, care must be taken.

Outside of training, just as with the real (shinken) tools, care must be taken.

Checking each tool to see if there are any cracks or breaks in the wood, making sure it won’t splinter in use, or in the case of the bo (6 foot stick), splinter up your hands as one manipulates the stick.

Giving the training tools a very light sanding from time to time, to keep the grain of the wood smooth, applying wood-oil to keep it moisturized.

Storing the training tools on the ground or flat, never vertical, so they don’t warp over time by leaning against a wall.

Taken care of, with good quality wood, your tools should like 15+ years, even with regular daily practice.