Understanding Fudoken

For the past few classes we have been working on various striking drills using fudoken- the immovable fist.

Naturally, we begin with the kihon- tsuki.

How do deliver a straight forward punch using correct body dynamics, keeping in mind the principals of kentaiichiyo.

From there we move to striking drills against targets- focus mitts, striking bags, etc.

Movement of the target is added.

What we first encounter with this is an eagerness to strike the target at all costs- even if the distance is off, which in turn put the student practicing the strike off balance, resulting in a rather poor strike.

As the targets move, use footwork to get in correct distance and strike from there.

Wrist aliment is also KEY.

Making sure that the fist is lined up with the wrist, so that when the fudoken connects with the target, it does not buckle or sprain the wrist.

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