What Is A Bujinkan Green Belt?

What is a green belt in the Bujinkan dojo method of martial arts?

In terms of rank, it represents the student’s journey from 9th kyu to 1st kyu, and is represented by a green belt regardless of kyu rank.

A green belt represents a student who has been training for some time, and is working on internalizing the movement of budo taijutsu- specifically, with a focus on ukemi, kamae, san shin no kata, and the kihon happo.

Green belt training is a time of personal discovery in the dojo, while representing a place in the sempai-kohai structure of the dojo

Sempai = senior.

Kohai = junior.

Beyond the physical skills of the dojo, there is an understood method of learning and operating in the martial arts, unspoken and understood because everybody in the dojo/group knows it.

Correct heart, and understanding the martial arts as presented by the Bujinkan dojo is vital on the way to black belt.

During the green belt phase of the journey, it is up to the sempai of the group, the seniors, to direct and guide the green belt through the assumed and unspoken rules of the dojo.

This is done with compassion and love, but also severity.

Sempai go out of the way for kohai, but ultimately it is up to the kohai to “catch on” and adapt/conform to the ways of the dojo.

If not, they will leave and seek instruction elsewhere- which usually happens around 9th and 8th kyu.

Which is ok, and a part of nature.

Green belt is the nurturing methods- both physically and spiritually on the way to black belt.

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