Advice For A New Martial Artist

Getting started in the martial arts.

You have taken that first step in your journey in the martial arts. Those first few classes full of excitement and challenges, now ready to make progress and structure your training for success.

A few points of advice to help you make some powerful short term gains in ability and understanding, while laying the foundation for steady future gain in the ‘arts:

Make stretching a part of your daily routine- a few minutes in the morning and before bed. A few minutes before and after each training session as a way to warm up, cool down, and prevent injury.

Identify the “basics” or foundation movements of the martial art you are studying- postures, drills, exercises and practice these every day. This will work on programming your body to move in the style/method that you are learning- which will make the lessons you learn in class easier to understand and build on.

Naturally, follow the advice of the head teacher/instructor, but also pay attention to the senior students in the class- especially if it is a Japanese martial art- the sempai/kohai system.

Senior students are a great resources to tap into- advice on training, drills, and the methods of the school you are training in.