Are You Too Old For The Martial Arts?

Are you too old to start studying the martial arts?

From the perspective of the Bujinkan school of martial arts that we study, the answer would be a big NO.

As human beings with the potential to learn at any time, one can learn the arts of taijutsu (martial ways of using the body) at any time.

You start where you are.

Naturally the martial arts are physical in nature, and involve physical interaction. With this, again, regardless of age we are all at different starting points with regard to fitness and physical ability.

You start where you are, and make progress each and every day.

This progress builds over day, weeks, months, and years.

You start where you are.

The nature of our training is that the movement, philosophy, strategy, and spirituality is usable by anybody with the desire to learn.

Enter the dojo, and train.