Hajutsu Escape Methods

Imagine the following martial arts drill:

You stand in the center of a circle surrounded by a dozen or so training partners. When you are ready they are going to all start throwing punches and kicks at you for a minute or so.

During that time, you can not leave the circle, and you can not block, strike, or counter and of the strikes- all you are allowed is movement- using your footwork and understanding of kamae not to get hit.

How many strikes will land?

How many will miss?

Now, the second part of the drill:

The same setup, only you are not allowed to move your feet at all.

How many strikes will land?

How many will miss?

Just in moving alone you are increasing your chances of self defense (goshinjutsu). That is why movement is so important in the martial arts.

Hajutsu (escape methods) is the section of our martial arts training where we are grabbed and restrained by a training partner, or multiple training partners. In this area of practice we explore freeing ourselves from being grabbed and restrained- with the idea being NOT in fighting with our training partner, by in escaping and getting our ability to move back.

When you are grabbed or held in place, you can’t move your feet- which brings us back to the first exercise. In hajutsu, regaining your mobility is KEY.

Movement in the martial arts.