Martial Arts Nage Waza: Getting Thrown

Nage waza is the section of our training where we explore ways of projecting our training partner to the ground.

Throws are very dynamic, and each individual throw flows and has things in common with each other, but a good way to start practicing them is like this:

  1. Throws that sweep the legs taking the center of gravity away from your training partner, dumping them on the ground: osoto nage.
  2. Throws where you place your hips against your training partner and toss them over: seoi nage.
  3. Throws where you take hold of your training partner and crash them into the ground: yama arashi.

From the perspective of uke, (the person being thrown) getting thrown can be scary as they tend to happen very quickly, and we are not used to having our feet off the ground, falling through the air.

When that happens, something is tripped in our mind causing a feeling of panic.

The first way to approach receiving a throw is to work and drill ukemi so landing on the ground isn’t scary. Solid ukemi skills takes much of the fear out of being thrown.

Second is to take the throw slowly and remain relaxed as best as possible as you fall.

Working on these points makes being thrown a bit easier in training.