Self Defense Techniques In The Martial Arts

Not all martial arts are equal, and many are not meant to be. Some arts focus on competition, others “fighting”, a few for health benefits, spirituality, or even passing on a culture of history. Even more challenging is that many martial arts overlap in multiple areas, so when starting your journey in the martial arts making sure your reasons for studying the arts also line up with what is being taught is important. The same is with self defense, which is an important component for many who train.

If you are studying the ‘arts for self defense, are you studying self defense correctly.

What would be one possible way to look at and explore the concept of self defense in the martial arts?

Self defense in not about fighting.

Training to fight, beat, or submit another person means one is engaging with them, and the longer one is involved in a fight, the greater the chance of being seriously hurt, or depending on the situation perhaps worse.

Self defense should be about escaping from an encounter as quickly as possible, disengaging, putting yourself in a place with regard to distance and balance so one can’t be attacked again.

Awareness is also a KEY point- being aware of distance, timing, surroundings to make an attack as difficult at possible, again, to extract before the danger or before the attack.

If one is training for self defense, are the techniques you are practicing build on these ideas or are they about “fighting”?

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