The Most Important Martial Arts Skill

What is the most important skill in the martial arts?

What is one of the fundamental training drills that we explore in each class?

What drill when practiced as part of a basic routine build increasing skill as you improve in the martial arts?

Here is one such foot-work training drill that I believe is vital to helping one’s movement in the martial arts.

You and your training partner stand across from each other- enough distance that they have to take a step forward to reach you. When ready, they step forward and try to touch your shoulder…

This is the drill at its basic level- building on it the grab become a punch, kick, multiple strikes, etc.

In response using correct footwork and kamae (ichimonji) you step off the angle of the attack and out of the way putting yourself in a safe position with correct distance.

That’s it.

No striking back, counters, throws, blocks, or martial arts take-downs.

We are working on developing the mind-body connection that leads to mushin in that when something is coming at you- get out of the way.

Take yourself out of danger, and through foot work put yourself in a safe spot.

Something is happening- start moving.

Always be moving in the martial arts.