The Power Of Boshiken

One of the fists used in our Bujinkan budo taijutsu martial arts training that I feel is very unique to our art is boshiken- also knows as shitoken depending on where it appears in the training.

Our first exposure to this way of holding the hand is found in the ten ryaku no maki section of training- first in the kihon happo jumonji no kata training form, followed by the hokken juroppo section where we explore some of the other striking fists of fudoken, shuto, etc.

Boshiken has our fingers supporting the thumb so it sticks forward and is used to strike some very painful kyusho on the body- butsumetsu (floating ribs) being one of them.

What I find unique is how the fist effects movement when hit with it- stopping, slowing, setting one in place vs. the movement produced by the other fists.