Weight Lifting & Physical Conditioning In The Martial Arts

How important is physical conditioning in the martial arts?

Very important.

But with the correct place and mindset.

The dojo or time spent in class instruction with your teacher is vital time spent for the transmission of martial arts movement. Observing one of our martial arts classes you would see us hitting each other, rolling around on the ground, and throwing each other around.

No time spend on physical conditioning.

But to think it is not vital to the arts would be a mistake.

That time spent with training partners and getting feedback on the martial arts should be spent down to the last minute- outside of class, on your own, solo, work on physical conditioning.

That what, when, and where of this depends on where you are in your martial arts journey and current physical capacity- you start where you are, build and improve up.

But to think that a physical art, martial arts, can be done without any physical conditioning would be only half of the training.