Why Do You Practice The Martial Arts?

Certainly there are many reasons to practice the martial arts, and the starting point is what we explored in last week’s post about starting your journey in the arts.

When you decide to take that first step in joining a martial arts school or training group it is important to know your reasons why you are starting your pursuit of the martial arts.

This knowledge is your starting road map.

They may be of your own choice, in terms of wishing to pursue health and spiritual reasons, or perhaps testing your limits through competition.

For some, the reasons are beyond their choice- life may have forced them to study the martial arts for self defense and survival.

All of these reasons, whatever your reasons are completely valid- just match them up with a dojo/school that shares those values.

Yet, be aware that as one matures in training and experience, their reasons for studying the martial arts will change also.

You are growing in the arts, so naturally they will have a magnetic effect on you, growing you in turn.

Embrace these opportunities as they arrive, and don’t allow yourself to be trapped in those first reasons that brought you into the arts in the first place.