Bujinkan Dojo Shoten Jutsu

Shotenjutsu- the ability to run to heaven is part of our taijutsu skills where one runs up vertical surfaces without stopping. It is part of our ukemi taihenjutsu skill set, ways of changing and adapting the body to the situation.

Before we even start running up things (people also!) the ability to forward, side, and back roll needs to be explored and be made comfortable with.

Sometimes one runs to the top of something, and other times you run up and then fall back down- the ability to take ukemi and roll is KEY.

Once one is comfortable with the rolling part and has some proficiency, heading off to the woods to find rocks and trees to run up is the starting point.

Nothing 100% vertical yet.

Lower angles, not as high off the ground, so there is no difference in changing the movement from running to climbing.

Over time, one increases the elevation and speed, soon being able to run up vertical surfaces.

The first time you see it in action there is a good amount of doubt, but practicing over a season (usually the summer), at the end of the season most can do it.

The key is to not lose momentum in transitioning from running to climbing, and not letting your mind get in the way- your eyes telling you to slow down or else you will crash into that wall, tree, etc.

Now at the mid summer part of training we are going to again start exploring shotenjutsu.