Joining Our Group

Those over the age of eighteen, who are interested in pursuing the martial arts, seeking training in the Bujinkan dojo methods of movement are invited to explore joining our training group. 

Although our group is relaxed in presentation, and rather informal in approach, we do study a Japanese martial art with certain customs and expectations required of all members. We are a serious martial arts group with many of our training members having studied the Bujinkan methods for 10+ years. 

While no previous experience in the martial arts or Bujinkan dojo is needed, we want to make sure out group is a good fit for your training goals in the martial arts. As friends we progress and grow in a small class setting, so group dynamics and harmony (wa) is very important. 

The first step in considering training is to explore more about the Bujinkan dojo and the articles and training topics here on our website to catch the feeling of our training and some of the training topics and philosophies that we cover. 

Please contact us through the email form at the bottom of the blog with any questions or inquiries regarding training- we are passionate about the martial arts and welcome any questions that you may have. 

From there an invitation to come and watch class can be extended, allowing one to see the training first hand and answer any additional questions. After talking with the group and instructors an invitation to join may be extended.

For those out of town, or perhaps further away who can not make regular classes with us, we would be happy to recommend a Bujinkan dojo in your area or state.   

Each week we aim to post training highlights from recent classes as a way of sharing the expressions of budo, while giving those interested in pursuing training insight into some of the movements and philosophies explored in each class.