Martial Arts Is Not The Dojo

When I started my martial arts training in my teenage years I was naturally very stubborn and kind of did what I wanted despite seeking instruction in the dojo.

I carried on like this till my early 20’s, and in reflecting back, am very appreciative of the kindness and compassion of my teacher and seniors who tolerated my youthfulness.

There have been a few training items that if I had realized them sooner, I would have perhaps made progress quicker in the martial arts.

One of those?

That most of the *learning* in the martial arts does not happen in the dojo.

It happens through motivation outside of the dojo.

One needs to develop a consistent daily training routine outside of the dojo.

This self learning and exploring develops movement that in class can be used for correction, and introducing new lessons.

Consistent practice, physical practice, gives the teacher material to work with as demonstrated in class.

Consider the *instruction* in class to be correction, transmission, and the introduction of new lessons.