Martial Arts Keep Your Eyes Open

Keep your eyes open!


I couldn’t see anything but white spot as I just got hit in the neck with a shuto.

It took everyhtinhg I had to get my legs back under me and try to get my hands back up in some sort of kamae.

The body reacts naturally, out of evolution and survival, but is this always the best thing?

Budo works with nature, budo also uses nature.

Getting hit, the natural reaction is to close the eyes and pull away, and in doing this one creates more problams by being out of balance. The strike takes balance, and if one pulls away that intensifies- the reason for ukemi, the ability to receive naturally and not be out of balance.

Closing the eyes has a similar effect as the body tries to adapt and change.

Do you understand?

Now keep your eyes open and facing me after the strike.

Use correct ukemi.