Martial Arts Training Guide PDF Download


This nineteen page martial arts training guide explores the fundamental martial arts movements of distance, balance, timing, rhythm, & future movement which are found and used in all aspect of the martial arts.

By exploring these movement principals by identifying them and exploring them as outlined by the drills in this guide you will have a better understanding on how to move your own body in the martial arts regardless of where you are in your own martial arts journey.  

Distance: What are the operating distances in the martial arts, and how is distance manipulated between you and your training partner?

Balance: Exploring balance in the martial arts, and why it is SO important for both you and your training partner- in many ways ALL of the martial arts is built around balance.

Timing: When do you go in the martial arts? How does timing create opportunity?

Rhythm: Setting, taking, and breaking the rhythm in movement and technique.

Future movement: combing the four fundamentals to influence the future of movement between you and your training partner.

Any proceeds through this training guide are used to run and support our training group- thank you for your support.

You will receive a 19 page PDF download.

Download the PDF here.