Practicing Martial Arts At Home

In this post I wanted to share with you what martial arts practice and training at home looks like for our group. It would be easy to think that the learning the martial arts happens in class with your teacher or coach- and it does to a certain extend, but most of the real “learning” is at home.

Self training outside of class is necessary to advance in the art and refine your skills in movement.

Fortunately we have a very good road-map left to us regarding self training.

But first a bit of foundation regarding training in class.

Class is where your teacher corrects the mistakes you are making in your moment, while at the same time introducing new lessons for you to practice. Class is about adding new training responsibilities to the pile, and giving you the corrected movement so you can realize them.

Class is also about imparting the feeling and essence of the martial arts- from teacher to student, which is what makes our practice a living tradition and living skill set that needs to be learned first hand vs. academic study.

Training outside of class is about refining the foundations of our martial arts movement so as a student you put yourself in a position to be able to receive the transmission of the martial arts.

Diligent self study is KEY.

Our home/outside of class training focuses on the set of skills laid out in the ten ryaku no maki- ukemi, kihon happo, san shin no kata, kamae, Hoken Juroppo, etc.

Hatsumi sensei has also expanded on these training topics through his insights as published in Sanmyaku and Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai.

Commitment to reviewing, training, and polishing these lessons every day is the foundation of our training, and of our group.