Westchester New York Taijutsu

Taijutsu (budo taijutsu) is the art of using the body unarmed in the martial arts. Taijutsu seeks to unify the movement of the practitioner so that the concepts of distance, timing, and rhythm are in harmony. An entire collection of skills and abilities goes into powering one’s taijutsu.

Taihenjutsu & Ukemi: The ability to roll, evade, and position your body outside of an attack.

Kamae: Postures and ways of moving that protect weak points on the body (kyusho), while exposing the weak points of others through your movement.

Dakentaijutsu: Ways of striking, using the body to generate momentum and force beyond physical strength.

Jutaijutsu: Grappaling, locks, throws, restraints, and chokes.

Hajutsu: Escape methods, freeing your hands and body when grabbed or restrained.


Training Principals:

Control the distance, timing, & rhythm.

Movement will open up opportunities for techniques. Always keep moving!

Self-defense is NOT about fighting, it is about escaping and extracting yourself from a dangerous situation.

Forget the notion of beginner or advanced, every moment in training has the opportunity for a personal breakthrough.

The most important martial arts skill is not about fighting, it is awareness of the situation before, during, and after.

First you become aware of how your own body moves in the martial arts, then how your training partner’s body moves, and then you prevent them from moving with the awareness of how you move.