Bujinkan Class Training Notes: Koshi Kudaki

Starting first with the understanding of nage waza- throwing forms, and an important point.

The power of tossing your training partner by having your hips lower when compared to their hips.

The opposite of not wanting to be thrown by sinking and lowering your own hips in relation to your training partner.

We spent some time examining the timing and effect behind the strike to the kidneys that prevent the throw. The idea of a boshiken to stop and keep uke in place, so we can appropriately counter, usually with zu dori.

But what about using the strike, or a following kick to send uke away?

Perhaps if it was once against many, stopping the throw, and using the strike to send uke in a tactical direction? 

Dojo News

We are currently holding regular training sessions. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still in effect we have altered our class structure- all training is held at maximum social distancing and any waza practiced does not involve touching or moving into the space of another training partner, so safe distance can be maintained at all times. Training under this format will continue until the pandemic has passed and contact is safe again. Ninpo Ikkan!

Located in Westchester, New York we are a martial arts training group dedicated to studying the Bujinkan dojo methods of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. As friends we come together to practice the martial arts. Questions, comments, feedback, and training inquiries may be directed to the group by email here.