Bujinkan Kamae Training Drill

A training drill from a recent class focusing on the smooth movement and transition of our budo taijutsu kamae- body postures.

First the drill…

You begin in shizen no kamae, relaxed and aware, correct center of balance.

A training partner walks by…

…and either continues walking by, or turns and strikes with a right punch.

If they decide to punch, you shift to ichimonji no kamae and move with the strike.

It is up to uke- the attacking training partner to decide if they are going to punch or keep walking- doing so with the minimal amount ideally none, in terms of telegraphing or signaling a punch.

Working on not only the smooth transition of moving from shizen to ichimonji- paying attention to the footwork and lead hand to protect kyusho, but also working on existing in a relaxed state and being able to only move when needed.

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