Bujinkan Training Weapons

The use of historical training tools in an important part of our Bujinkan tradition and often you will see dojo members carrying around some of these historical weapons to be used in class.

What are they and why are they important?

The two most common training weapons used in class are the sword and sic foot stick- the katana and the bo.

These are used to teach distance and timing at 3 feet and 6 feet and are often used in movement and muto-dori lessons.

Secondary to this is the three foot stick- the hanbo, and the five foot stick- the jo.  The hanbo is an important tool for self-defense and is often featured at the lower kyu levels, while the jo illustrated some of the dynamic movement lessons of the stick transmissions found in the Bujinkan.

Occasionally one will also see some of the longer training weapons in use such as the yari and naginata which are used to teach specific lessons, so they are often not necessary at the start for new students.

Naturally it goes without saying that real/live training tools should never be used in class- only safe/padded/approved ones and that in terms of training tools, federal, state, and local laws may be different depending on the age of the participant and jurisdiction.

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