Ed Martin Bujinkan Thank You

I first met Ed Martin at the 1997 USA Bujinkan Tai Kai in New Jersey.

I was perhaps 8th kyu, a green belt, my first Tai Kai and seeing Soke.

So many Bujinkan practitioners from around the world and such a sense of community, it left a lasting impression of friendship I carry to this day,

At one point during the event I found myself without a training partner, and quite lost in trying to work on the bojutsu being shown.

Out of nowhere Ed Martin appeared and took me in with his group training there, helping me, and working with me. The feeling was just as a friend, I had never met him, didn’t know his rank, or his standing in the Bujinkan. He helped me immensely, taking and using his time when he could have been training with much better and more proficient people.

He had such a sharing heart.

Thank you Ed Martin, that spark of Bujinkan you showed me that day, echoed and carries forward even to this day.

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