Martial Arts Training In The Age Of COVID-19

When I first joined the dojo, one of the conditions of membership and being taught the martial arts was a promise that I would physically practice the martial arts each day.

The promise was to always keep going in the martial arts.

With that has anything really changed?

The training must continue.

Yet, taking to heart the lessons of the Bujinkan, safety and survival is also paramount, so training has to be *safe*.

In our own classes the training has continued, our regular schedule with no interruption, but it has, and had to adapt for the current reality, while still keeping the promise that myself and the other students have taken.

In keeping with nature and the cultivation of fudoshin, our practice is held outdoors so social distancing is easy. We have also switched to lessons that can be practiced alone and without an uke- both taijutsu and training tools such as the stick and sword.

The goal in this time of COVID is to position ourselves as best we can with the basic movements of the kihon happo and the san shin no kata, along with ukemi, kamae and footwork drills so that as soon as it *does* become safe for physical interaction, as a group we are positioned to jump right in with refined movement.

The important lesson, both in and outside of class is to always continue practicing no matter what is happening.

Ninpo ikkan!


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