Martial Arts Training Instincts

Does a martial arts teacher really have anything to teach?

Can the martial arts be taught?

I believe they can only be experienced.

Certainly there are base mechanics- methods of movement with the body which can be taught and learned, but what about the transmission of the martial arts?

Many will view the term martial arts, the *arts* part as doing whatever they want. Whatever movement works, is modern or new.

In creating art there are no guidelines.

But what about an alternative definition?

*Arts* as in something that needs to be experienced in person, felt, and transmitted through that piece itself- be it a picture, music, or literature.

The *arts* of martial arts means that it is a constant exercise in trying to catch the feeling, to understand a transmission of life and death. To just immerse oneself in the tradition, that philosophy of movement, when combined with a determination to train to the end, and that is how we arrive at the martial arts.

Can we see the role of the teacher as more of a guide?

Or an artist who tries to set up each class so the feeling can be experienced and captured?

As a teacher I can create many feelings, just passing on the transmission of what has been shared with me, but other elements are elusive in that they are entirely in the domain of the individual student.

Instincts is one of them.

Knowing when to listed to the feeling that tells you to move now, or when *something* is off, when *something* is out of place.

The feeling of that martial arts can bring one to a point of experiencing these instincts, but only the student can listen.

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