Sojutsu Training

Sojutsu, the art and use of the Japanese spear, one of the traditional weapons of the samurai.

In our martial arts training, the use of the spear- the yari is important for its use in understanding distance as there is a duality to the training.

On the one hand we *are* training in the use of the spear as passed down from the tradition to soke, and to us. Using the spear as a historical tool used by the samurai- methods, ideas, tactics, and philosophies.

Traditionally understanding the use of the spear through kamae, kihon, kata, and heiho.

Yet in our martial arts training the spear is also used as a training tool to understand martial arts concepts. With the physical length of the spear we can see distance in action, and understand how it works- being able to see and map the distance of the spear, as a toll to know what to look for in other distance martial arts movement.

Training as both a historical tool and a tool to see martial arts concepts in action that can be used in the here and now of today.

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