Bujinkan Tehodoki Training

In the ten ryaku no maki section of movement training we are introduced to ways of moving the body. Ukemi, kihon happo, san shin no kata- ways of generating power, and moving in correct body alignment as an individual.

Progressing to the chi ryaku no maki section of training, one of the early lessons is freeing your hands that have been grabbed.

The idea is that your training partner has stepped forward and taken control of your arms by grabbing your wrist- single and double grabs.

In this moment, you can not move- they have you literally held in place.

Using the movement lessons from the ten ryaku no maki, one moves to break and free the grip so they can start moving again.

In danger- get moving out of danger.

Naturally, the idea of kazushi- unbalancing your training partner is a key component of tehodoki (freeing the hands) otherwise when you begin to move they will just muscle up and hold on harder.

Footwork has to both work to break the grip and take your training partner to a place where they are unable to hold on due to being out of balance.

There is also a hidden lesson in that when one is grabbed in the moment, due to the connection of the arms, knowing the level of power and strength they intend to use.

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