Daily Bujinkan Training

What should or could your daily Bujinkan training look like?

What would be the plan to help you advance in the art?

Put us in a position so that when new lessons are introduced, when the *feeling* of the art is transmitted, we have a good chance of experiencing it and being able to grow from it.

The basics.

Every Japanese martial art has the kihon- fundamental exercises that build the foundation of the art.  The bio-mechanical language that allows one to move as the art dictates one should move.

In the Bujinkan dojo methods of martial arts that foundation is found in the ten chi jin ryaku no maki training outline- sometimes referenced as the shidoshi scrolls.

The first part of this, the ten ryaku no maki, heaven training section contains the core movements of the Bujinkan. It teaches one how to move the body in a natural manner, and many of the training exercises can also be practiced solo.

This makes them perfect for at home training.

Ukemi, kihon happo, san shin no kata, and kamae are important areas to focus on.

Polishing the basics and putting one in a place for growth each time corrections and new lessons are added in class.

See you on the mat.

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