Don’t Get Hurt In The Martial Arts

Early on in training, beyond the san shin no kata, kihon happo, and ukemi a number of training principals were stressed- such mushashin, and not getting hurt in the martial arts.

The journey is long, and in the many hours of training ahead, its important to make sure one does not get injured in training.

Not only for the lost training time while recovering, but also for the future as one gets older in the martial arts.

Much of not getting hurt starts with correct body alignment as one practices.

Moving the feet, knees, and hips correctly.

Paying attention to the spine.

Using junan taiso to stay limber.

The other half is being aware of live training, especially with a partner.

Paying attention to rank, experience, and how they are in the moment- tired, agitated, full of energy, and adjusting ukemi as needed.

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