Getting Started In The Bujinkan Martial Arts

In this post I’d like to touch off on how to get started in the Bujinkan martial arts of Dr. Massaki Hatsumi. I’m going to assume that you know a little bit about the history of the Bujinkan, what it is, and perhaps some of the training offered. If not then this wiki link offers a very nice overview:
The first step is of course to find a teacher to study with on a regular basis that can not only show you the foundations of the Bujinkan, but also adapt and guide your progress in the martial arts. Depending on where you live, and your responsibilities in life this can either be very easy or difficult. What is important at this point, regardless of where you are, is to make a commitment to train as best you can given your current circumstances.
The best case scenario would be having a teacher that you can travel to class and train with each week. Teachers in the Bujinkan (known as shidoshi) hold a 5th dan license or higher and have a shidoshi menkyo (teaching certificate). This page here has a good starting list of Bujinkan schools:
Keep in mind that not every Bujinkan school is listed here or even on the internet. If there is no school in your immediate area, but your state, email or contact the teacher there and inquire if there is anything closer that they might know about. The Bujinkan is a very small community and many teachers know of training opportunities not on the internet or publically posted.
If there is no school in your area, another option is to travel on a semi- regular basis to participate in training. Let’s say that the closest Bujinkan school in your area is over two hours away which means weekly training is difficult- inquire about attending any seminars or special classes that might be offered, or commit yourself to attending one training session a month and make the arrangements to do so. Work with the best that you have and can do- the most important thing is that you are training in the Bujinkan- some training is better than no training.
Once you have made the commitment to train in the Bujinkan, make it happen, and don’t let anything stop you from starting your journey.

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