How To Develop Zanshin Martial Arts Awareness

In the Japanese martial arts, the concept of martial arts awareness is known as zanshin.

Zanshin is a heightened awareness of those around you and the situation that might unfold. An internal understanding and feeling of distance, timing, and rhythm.

In each class and training session it is developed and cultivated by keeping a few points in mind, to the point where one no longer has to think about them- leading to a form of mushin.

What happens when you finish a technique in the dojo?

After each waza there should be a pause for a moment, where you move to proper kamae. Even with the end of the technique, and knowing in the dojo nothing will happen, one moves to correct distance and timing along with kamae to cultivate zanshin.

Move and hold the kamae for a few seconds.

Developing zanshin martial arts awareness.

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