Martial Arts Ambitions

We all begin our martial arts journey for different reasons, and within those reasons some are invited to the ‘arts while others discover them by themselves.

Each of us has our own story.

Yet within that story there is a similar pattern.

Looking over the years of training, one should expect those reasons to change. They need to change as you evolve in the martial arts and on the journey.

The challenge becomes when one is transitioning to one phase to the next, and being able to let go the old phase to the next phase. When one gets stuck in an old phase, the training and progress stagnates.

When I started my own martial arts journey my ambition was to be physically strong and powerful in the arts- something that was possible for a young man in his 20s.

I modeled the sempai (seniors) in the dojo who were strong and I made tremendous gains.

Later as I continued along, learning all the kata (training forms) become an obsession- all the kata, ura waza, henka, and variations. I attached great importance to them at the start- which was correct as one does need to learn them, but as I progressed I could not let them go.

I stagnated for a while, not realizing that a new stage of training was evolving.

The stage I’m currently in?

Just happy to be training, and trying to lead a happy life through all that has been given to use by soke and the shihan. A plan to just keep training at this point and see how far I can go in the journey.

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