Martial Arts Footwear

Early on in my martial arts training I would wear a pair of hiking boots as my normal every day pair of footwear.

Part of it was for work, and part of it was that I regularly likes to hike and walk, so it made sense to always have a pair of boots broken in and supple.

They were good for that, but not for martial arts.

As I gained in experience, and learned not only about the importance of body alignment, I also became aware of the importance of the feet, as they connected the body structure to the ground.

Footwear and being aware of footwear became very important- and with that hiking boots were not my best choice for every-day wear.

Understanding the need to be *light* on the feet, and to keep the natural bone and muscle structure of the foot as possible- not having them and the ankle bound up.

Traction and protection being important, but also the weight and cut of the shoe.

A feeling of wearing shoes but not really wearing them.

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