Martial Arts Intuition Training

The martial arts are physical arts.
Certainly there are spiritual and philosophical lessons and points to explore.
But a good 99% of training is discovering movement on the mat in the dojo.
One of the points that we aim for- a philosophy in motion is the idea of “mushin”- no mind.
We drill the martial arts, teach our bodies how to move (taijutsu), and move when needed, as needed for the correct situation, and without thinking.
The same way an athlete or performer just “does”.
This also help build our intuition- the ability to pick up on small cues and hidden things before the happen so we can respond.
When you get a “feeling” in the martial arts you act on it.
The human mind, even before any martial arts training, processes so much, much more vs. what we can understand.
If you get a feeling to move, move.
If you get a feeling not to be in a certain place, leave.
If something tells you to take the next train, you take the next train.
Don’t debate, don’t reason, just act.
Just move.
Even if you are not a “martial artist”.

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